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Hemostat Liquid, 15ml, Topical Hemostatic Solution
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Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 60001
Hemostal is a 25% Buffered Aluminium Chloride solution, specially formulated to control and stop minor bleeding. It additionally helps in controlling fluids in the sulcus surrounding the tooth during various dental procedures.Composition:Aluminium Chloride Glycerine Purified Water Excipient..
420.47 LE
Ex Tax:420.47 LE
Brand: Zhermack Model: C206021
  • Packing: 2x Cartridge 50ml
  • Viscosity: Medium Body
  • Set Time: Normal
1,078.13 LE
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Orafil LC, Light-Curing Temporary Filling Material
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Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 11002-1
Orafil-LC is a specialized, light-curing material designed for temporary filling and sealing tasks. With its elastic consistency, Orafil-LC promises hassle-free removal, even when dealing with undercuts. A major benefit is that you don't need to finish the cavity, ensuring the temporary filling fits..
310.50 LE
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Brand: Zhermack Model: C100700
  • Packing: 60ml Tube
  • Set Time: Normal
Features:Can be used with all C-silicones from Zhermack, including the Zetaplus system for dental practice and Zetalabor and Titanium for laboratory use.Can be used in equal parts with orawash VL, oranwash L, and Thixoflex M on a mixing plate for optimal results.Easy to dose, comes in a 60 ml tube w..
724.50 LE
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A.C.E. Ceramic Repair Kit
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Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 50002
  • Packing: 1.2ml Syringes CeraEtch + 1.2ml Syringes Silane-X + 1.2ml Syring
Comprehensive set for intraoral repairs of ceramic and composite restorations. The entire set is ergonomically arranged and enables you to work from left to right. Due to its outstanding high bonding values, this system is a reliable assistant in inconvenient situations. All the components are avail..
1,358.44 LE
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CalciGel, Calcium Hydroxide Paste with Barium Sulphate
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 40007-2
  • Packing: Syringe 2.2g + Tips
  • Function: Cavity Lining - Indirect Pulp Capping - Direct Pulp Capping
Ready to use radiopaque, pre-mixed, calcium hydroxide paste with barium sulphate. Calcigel is a creamy paste used as a liner or as a temporary dressing. Owing to its high alkalinity (pH12). Calcium Hydroxide neutralize the free acids of the obturating cements and of the restorative materials. It red..
1,099.69 LE
Ex Tax:1,099.69 LE
Brand: Zhermack Model: C410032
  • Packing: 1Kg
  • Color: Sandy Brown
  • Type: Die Stone (Type 4)
226.41 LE
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Hiflex Tracing Stick, Dark Green
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MTA Plus AQUA 0.14gm Powder
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Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 40053
MTA Plus is an innovative dental cement resulting from cutting-edge research in inorganic hydraulic powder technology. Specifically designed for both vital pulp therapy and endodontic procedures, MTA Plus provides a comprehensive solution for various dental applications.Indications:Cavity lini..
289.80 LE
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Brand: Zhermack Model: C301001
  • Packing: Bag 453g
  • Class: A-Grade (Precise)
Presenting Zetalgin, a premier chromatic alginate enriched with a refreshing mint scent, and stamped with the trusted quality assurance of Zhermack. This product is tailor-made for dental professionals who prioritize an efficient chromatic solution to streamline their impression-taking process.Key C..
438.84 LE
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Micron Luting, Radiopaque Glass Ionomer Luting Cement
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 30011
  • Packing: Powder 15g + Liquid 10ml
  • Curing: Self-Cure
  • Shade: Natural
  • Type: Glass Ionomer Luting
Micron Luting is a translucent, radiopaque, self-curing, fine particle glass-ionomer luting material known for its excellent tooth adhesion and flowability. It caters to a broad spectrum of clinical applications and is available in a universal light yellow shade as Powder and Liquid Kits.Compositi..
621.00 LE
Ex Tax:621.00 LE
Brand: Zhermack Model: C302070
  • Packing: Bag 500g
  • Class: A-Grade (High Precise)
Features:High-performance scannable alginate with 5 μm detail reproduction and 5 days of dimensional stabilityHigh precision in detail reproduction similar to siliconeHigh dimensional stability guarantees impression accuracy for up to 120 hoursScannable, facilitates access to digital workflows and i..
500.00 LE
Ex Tax:500.00 LE
Zinconol, Polymer Reinforced ZOE Cement (IRM)
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Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 30015
  • Packing: 15g Powder + 10ml Liquid + Spoon + Mixing Pad + Dispense Dropper
  • Curing: Self-Cure
  • Type: Eugenol
Intermediate Restorative Material (IRM) for class I and class II restorations Indications: As a base under amalgam and non resin restorations Temporary restoration in emergency treatments Sealing coronal portion of teeth under endodontics treatment Product Benefits: Excellent physical properties due..
579.60 LE
Ex Tax:579.60 LE
Brand: Zhermack Model: C202032
  • Packing: Cartridge 50ml
  • Viscosity: Medium Body
  • Set Time: Fast
2,156.25 LE
Ex Tax:2,156.25 LE
Zical Automix, Anti-Bacterial Root Canal Sealer
Hot Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 40010
  • Packing: Automix Syringe 15g + Mixing Tips
  • Type: Resin
Zical is a ZOE based sealer for permanent filling of dental root canals. Can tightly seal the apex of the root and the prepared root canal and can be easily removed with Gutta Percha point when refilling is necessary. Composition based on Grossman Formula is radiopaque, non staining non irritating w..
755.55 LE
Ex Tax:755.55 LE
Alvocure, 12gm, Dry Socket and Post Extraction Dressing
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 40023
Alvocure is a treatment for dry sockets after tooth removal. It's like a soothing filler for the empty tooth space, made of eugenol, butamben, and iodoformFormula:Penghawar Olive Oil Calcium Carbonate Iodoform Eugenol Spearmint Oil ExcipientsIndications: Designed specifically for:Tr..
862.50 LE
Ex Tax:862.50 LE
ApaCal Art, LC Nano Hydroxyapatite with Pulp Protective Liner
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 30001-1
  • Packing: Syringes 2g + Tips
  • Curing: Light-Cure
  • Function: Indirect Pulp Capping - Cavity Lining - Direct Pulp Capping
  • Type: Calcium Hydroxide
ApaCal ART is a Photo Cure resin modified Calcium Hydroxide/ Tri-calcium Phosphate pulp protectant/liner fortified with Hydroxyapatite. It is designed to perform as a barrier and to protect dental pulpal complex. Its unique Active Release Technology is useful in pulp capping and as protective base/l..
1,099.69 LE
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EpoSolv, 15ml, Solvent For Resin & Phenolic Compounds
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 40035
EpoSolv solvent aids in the removal of resin sealers and phenolic compounds during the process of root canal retreatment.Composition:Formamide PhenylethanolIndications: EpoSolv is designed to dissolve epoxy and other resin sealers during endodontic retreatment procedures. Additionally, it ..
452.81 LE
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Zinc Oxide Powder, 110g
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 40028
Extra pure, Arsenic free Zinc oxide powder is used as a temporary restorative material and as obtundent when used with Eugenol Indications: Used as Root canal sealer with G P cones Used for temporary dressing Mixed with eugenol and is used as a temporary cement. Ideal cavity liner under most restora..
248.40 LE
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EDTA Solution, Disodium Edetate Solution
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 40004
  • Packing: Bottle 15ml
  • Function: Canal Cleansing - Calcified Canal Opening
Disodium Edetate solution with neutral pH for chemical, mechanical cleansing and enlarging of root canals. Indications: Rapid root canal cleansing and shaping during instrumentation Helpful in opening calcified root canals Product Benefits: 17% solution and neutral pH cleanses root canals rapidly He..
291.09 LE
Ex Tax:291.09 LE
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