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Prevest DenPro Dental Products in Egypt Prevest DenPro Dental Products in Egypt

Carvene, D-Limonene Based Gutta Percha Solvent
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 40030
  • Packing: 10ml Glass Bottle + Dispensing Dropper
Carvene (Chloroform Free) Gutta Percha Solvent is used for removing gutta percha at the time of root canal re-treatment. Also useful for removing all types of root canal filling materials including Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cement or as a cleaner for endodontic instruments. Carvene is non-hazardous unlike ..
409.69 LE
Ex Tax:409.69 LE
Endoseal, ZOE Based Root Canal Obturation Cement
Hot Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 40031
Endoseal is a radiopaque, non-resorbable, Zinc Oxide-Eugenol based sealer designed specifically for root canals.Composition:Powder: Zinc Oxide, Barium Sulphate, Accelerators, Preservative. Liquid: Eugenol & Excipients.Intended Purpose/Use: Permanent root canal filling material.Indication..
668.44 LE
Ex Tax:668.44 LE
Micron Superior, Radiopaque Glass Ionomer Filling
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 30010
Micron Superior is a radiopaque Glass Ionomer Cement designed for:Restoration of primary teeth Core build up Restoration of class III, V, and select class I cavities.Composition:Powder: Fluoro Alumina Silicate Glass Liquid: Polyacrylic Acid Liquid Normal ViscosityIndications:Res..
621.00 LE
Ex Tax:621.00 LE
Fusion Ultra D/C, Dual Curing, Resin Based Luting Cement, A2
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 30006
  • Type: Resin Cement (Veneers)
  • Shade: A2
  • Curing: Dual-Cure
  • Packing: Automix Syringe 9g + Tips
Low viscosity, light and chemically cured, radiopaque, two component micro fine hybrid composite for the adhesive luting of composite and ceramic restorations. Indications: Permanent cementation of crown, bridges and splints Permanent cementation of endodontic posts made of metal, reinforced composi..
819.38 LE
Ex Tax:819.38 LE
Cal LC, Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Paste
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 30004
  • Function: Direct Pulp Capping - Cavity Lining
  • Packing: Syringe 2g + Tips
CAL LC is light cured radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Paste useful in pulp capping and as a protective base/liner under dental filling materials, cements and other base materials. Composition: Urethane Dimethacrylate, Triethylene Glycol Dimethacrylate, Silanated Barium Glass, Amorphous Fumed Silica, Ba..
517.50 LE
Ex Tax:517.50 LE
Hemostat Liquid, 15ml, Topical Hemostatic Solution
Hot Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 60001
Hemostal is a 25% Buffered Aluminium Chloride solution, specially formulated to control and stop minor bleeding. It additionally helps in controlling fluids in the sulcus surrounding the tooth during various dental procedures.Composition:Aluminium Chloride Glycerine Purified Water Excipient..
420.47 LE
Ex Tax:420.47 LE
Orafil LC, Light-Curing Temporary Filling Material
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 11002-1
Orafil-LC is a specialized, light-curing material designed for temporary filling and sealing tasks. With its elastic consistency, Orafil-LC promises hassle-free removal, even when dealing with undercuts. A major benefit is that you don't need to finish the cavity, ensuring the temporary filling fits..
310.50 LE
Ex Tax:310.50 LE
Oratemp Temporary Crown & Bridge Material, Cartridge, A2
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 11005
  • Shade: A2
  • Curing: Self-Cure
  • Packing: Cartridge 67g + Mixing Tips
1,283.40 LE
Ex Tax:1,283.40 LE
Copal-F, Cavity Varnish with Fluoride
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 40027
  • Fluoride: Yes
  • Curing: Self-Cure
  • Packing: Bottle 15ml + Dropper
Protective varnish based on Copal gum for insulating exposed dentine and providing a thermal barrier. Indications: Ideal cavity liner and dentinal tubule sealer Assures perfect protection to exposed dentine Intermediary varnish prior to insertion of amalgams, cements or composites Product Benefits: ..
215.63 LE
Ex Tax:215.63 LE
Fusion Bond 7, LC Self-Etching Adhesive, One Step Bonding
Hot Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 10001
  • Type: One-Step (7th Gen)
  • Curing: Light-Cure
  • Packing: Bottle 5ml
Fusion Bond 7 is the 7th generation, multi-functional, light cured one component dentine/enamel bonding agent containing nano sized colloidal silica fillers. Fusion Bond 7 primes & bonds in one step.Indications: As direct / indirect restorations with light cured composites. Product Benefits: Singl..
1,013.44 LE
Ex Tax:1,013.44 LE
MTA Plus AQUA 0.14gm Powder
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 40053
MTA Plus is an innovative dental cement resulting from cutting-edge research in inorganic hydraulic powder technology. Specifically designed for both vital pulp therapy and endodontic procedures, MTA Plus provides a comprehensive solution for various dental applications.Indications:Cavity lini..
289.80 LE
Ex Tax:289.80 LE
Micron Luting, Radiopaque Glass Ionomer Luting Cement
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 30011
  • Type: Glass Ionomer Luting
  • Shade: Natural
  • Curing: Self-Cure
  • Packing: Powder 15g + Liquid 10ml
Micron Luting is a translucent, radiopaque, self-curing, fine particle glass-ionomer luting material known for its excellent tooth adhesion and flowability. It caters to a broad spectrum of clinical applications and is available in a universal light yellow shade as Powder and Liquid Kits.Compositi..
621.00 LE
Ex Tax:621.00 LE
Orafil G, Temporary Filling Material
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 11001
  • Type: Non-Eugenol
  • Curing: Self-Cure
  • Packing: Jar 40g
Ready-to-use zinc sulphate cement for provisional filling and temporary insertion of permanent crowns and bridges Indications: Temporary restoration of cavities in intervals between tooth preparation and permanent cementation. Cementing medium for temporary inserting all types of permanent crowns an..
217.35 LE
Ex Tax:217.35 LE
CalciGel, Calcium Hydroxide Paste with Barium Sulphate
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 40007-2
  • Function: Cavity Lining - Indirect Pulp Capping - Direct Pulp Capping
  • Packing: Syringe 2.2g + Tips
Ready to use radiopaque, pre-mixed, calcium hydroxide paste with barium sulphate. Calcigel is a creamy paste used as a liner or as a temporary dressing. Owing to its high alkalinity (pH12). Calcium Hydroxide neutralize the free acids of the obturating cements and of the restorative materials. It red..
1,099.69 LE
Ex Tax:1,099.69 LE
Alvocure, 12gm, Dry Socket and Post Extraction Dressing
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 40023
Alvocure is a treatment for dry sockets after tooth removal. It's like a soothing filler for the empty tooth space, made of eugenol, butamben, and iodoformFormula:Penghawar Olive Oil Calcium Carbonate Iodoform Eugenol Spearmint Oil ExcipientsIndications: Designed specifically for:Tr..
862.50 LE
Ex Tax:862.50 LE
ApaCal Art, LC Nano Hydroxyapatite with Pulp Protective Liner
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 30001-1
  • Type: Calcium Hydroxide
  • Function: Indirect Pulp Capping - Cavity Lining - Direct Pulp Capping
  • Curing: Light-Cure
  • Packing: Syringes 2g + Tips
ApaCal ART is a Photo Cure resin modified Calcium Hydroxide/ Tri-calcium Phosphate pulp protectant/liner fortified with Hydroxyapatite. It is designed to perform as a barrier and to protect dental pulpal complex. Its unique Active Release Technology is useful in pulp capping and as protective base/l..
1,099.69 LE
Ex Tax:1,099.69 LE
EpoSolv, 15ml, Solvent For Resin & Phenolic Compounds
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 40035
EpoSolv solvent aids in the removal of resin sealers and phenolic compounds during the process of root canal retreatment.Composition:Formamide PhenylethanolIndications: EpoSolv is designed to dissolve epoxy and other resin sealers during endodontic retreatment procedures. Additionally, it ..
452.81 LE
Ex Tax:452.81 LE
Hemostatic Gel 3ml
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 60002
  • Viscosity: Gel
  • Material: 25% Aluminum Chloride
  • Use For: Stop Minor Bleeding
  • Packing: Syringe 3ml
560.63 LE
Ex Tax:560.63 LE
Zinc F+, Zinc Phosphate Cement Kit
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 30014
  • Type: Zinc Phosphate
  • Shade: Opaque
  • Curing: Self-Cure
  • Packing: 30g Powder + 15ml Liquid + Spoon + Instruction Manual
Zinc F+ is a zinc phosphate cement that has universal application for crowns and bridges and as a liner/core or base material. Zinc F+ offers an extremely accurate fit with very high mechanical strength. Indications: Cementation of crowns & bridges, inlays and orthodontic brackets Cavity lining und..
362.25 LE
Ex Tax:362.25 LE
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