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Elevate your practice with SOUQ DENTAL

SOUQ.DENTAL is a registered trademark owned by Habrah LLC (WY, USA)

SOUQ.DENTAL is the first and best-rated dental online marketplace that sells dental supplies in Egypt.

SOUQ.DENTAL was established as a result of the dental growing market demand and the shortage in geo-coverage for logistic and marketing aspects by the local companies, especially in non-major cities and remote areas. We have renovated this shortage professionally.

SOUQ.DENTAL is an online marketplace website and mobile application allowing all dental supplies companies and manufacturers in Egypt to list their regulated products and services, to make one reliable online place easy to access from all areas in Egypt, that allows all dental clinics/professionals to get their dental supplies easily and fast.

In case you have an idea, suggestion, or intervention, you like to share it with us to improve SOUQ.DENTAL, kindly don't hesitate to contact us: [email protected]