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Lab Silicone

Dental Lab Silicone, also known as condensation silicone, is a type of silicone that is used in dental laboratory to create dental models impressions, and molds. It is a two-component material that is mixed together before use, and when it is cured, it forms a rubber-like material that is very precise and accurate.

It is used as a medium to make impressions of the teeth and gums, which are then used to make models, dies, and molds for the fabrication of dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, and dentures. It is known for its high accuracy and precision, flexibility, and excellent tear resistance.

C-silicone is used in the traditional method of making dental impressions, as opposed to digital methods which use a 3D scanner to create digital impressions.

Dentists and dental technicians can find and buy dental Lab Silicone from SOUQ DENTAL in Egypt. We will ship your order within 24 hours.

Brand: IMICRYL NOVA Model: Spirias
Introducing Spirias Addition Silicone, a groundbreaking polyvinyl siloxane elastomeric impression material. Evolved from cutting-edge addition curing, it is specifically engineered to redefine impression-making accuracy.Advantages Superior Hydrophilicity: Our new-generation super wetting agen..
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