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Bonding Agents

Dental bonding agent is a type of adhesive that is used to bond dental restorative materials to the tooth structure. It is used in a variety of dental procedures such as filling cavities, placing inlays and onlays, and attaching orthodontic brackets.

There are several generations of dental bonding agents, each with its own unique properties and characteristics. They are generally classified into eight generations (1st, 2nd and 3rd are discontinued):

4th Generation: 3-step process consisting of separate components (etch, prime, and adhesive), they designed to be used in "etch-and-rinse" mode. By using these components individually, the process provides great control and increased assurance that each step has been properly completed. However, it is not the most time efficient option for the dentist and not the most comfortable for the patient.

5th Generation: 2-component process. Etch is separate, but the prime and bond have been combined into one step, they are designed to be used in "total-etch" mode. This type of bonding agent can be used in both direct and indirect restorations, and much time saver for both the dentists and the patient.

The 6th generation: 2-step process, where the etch and primer are together and the bonding agent is separate. They are designed to be used in "self-etch" mode, The self-etch primer is applied first and followed by the bond. This type of bonding have the ability to interact with the tooth structure in ways that enhance the bond strength and longevity.

7th Generation: 1-step process "all-in-one", include all necessary materials (acid, primer, and resin) into one bottle, eliminating the need for separate etching, rinsing, and mixing steps commonly required for light-cured products. It is the best time saver among all dental bonding agents generations.

8th Generation, also known as "all-in-one" or "one-step", utilizes polyfunctional adhesive monomers and highly functionalized SiO2 nanoparticles to enhance its bonding capabilities. These nanoparticles, measuring 20nm in diameter, aid in cross-linking the resin components and forming a thicker, more flexible adhesive layer. This can help reduce stress caused by polymerization shrinkage in resin composites.

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Fusion Bond 7, LC Self-Etching Adhesive, One Step Bonding
Hot Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 10001
  • Packing: Bottle 5ml
  • Curing: Light-Cure
  • Type: One-Step (7th Gen)
Fusion Bond 7 is the 7th generation, multi-functional, light cured one component dentine/enamel bonding agent containing nano sized colloidal silica fillers. Fusion Bond 7 primes & bonds in one step.Indications: As direct / indirect restorations with light cured composites. Product Benefits: Singl..
1,013.44 LE
Ex Tax:1,013.44 LE
Futurabond M+, Adhesive Light Cure Bottle 5ml, PK/3
Top Quality
Brand: VOCO Model: 1516
  • Packing: 3x Bottle 5ml
  • Curing: Light-Cure
  • Type: One-Step (7th Gen) - Total-Etch - Self-Etch
5,390.63 LE
Ex Tax:5,390.63 LE
Brand: IMICRYL NOVA Model: 2029
Introducing CompoB Plus, a cutting-edge light-cure, ethanol/water-based, self-etching bonding agent. Its dynamic composition allows for versatile use, functioning seamlessly in total-etch, self-etch, or selective-etch modes. Tailored for both direct and indirect restorations, it’s the modern dentist..
1,262.70 LE
Ex Tax:1,262.70 LE
One Coat 7 Universal Adhesive Light Cure, Bottle 5ml
Top Quality
Brand: Coltene Model: 60019539
  • Packing: Bottle 5ml
  • Curing: Light-Cure
  • Type: Self-Etch - One-Step (7th Gen)
5,175.00 LE
Ex Tax:5,175.00 LE
One Coat SL Bond
Top Quality
Brand: Coltene Model: 7430
  • Packing: Bottle 5ml
  • Curing: Light-Cure
  • Type: Two-Steps (5th Gen) - Total-Etch
Most Economical Total Etch Bonding in MarketJust one drop – Just one coatA powerful adhesive for dentine and enamelhydrophilic nature of One Coat Bond SL guarantees good penetration into collagen fibers and dentine tubules along with reliable moistening of dental surfacesWithout volatile solvents (c..
1,511.10 LE
Ex Tax:1,511.10 LE
ParaBond Adhesive Refill, 2 Bottles (Bond + Etch)
Top Quality
Brand: Coltene Model: 7486
  • Packing: 5ml Bond + 5ml Etch
  • Curing: Light-Cure
  • Type: Total-Etch - Two-Steps (6th Gen)
2,691.00 LE
Ex Tax:2,691.00 LE
Prime & Bond Active Universal, Standard Refill, 4ml
Top Quality Hot
Brand: Dentsply Sirona Model: 60667350
  • Packing: Bottle 4ml
  • Curing: Light-Cure
  • Type: Two-Steps (5th Gen)
3,933.00 LE
Ex Tax:3,933.00 LE
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