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Curing Lights

The dental light cure unit is an essential piece of equipment for dentists, ensuring they can perform their job properly. However, finding the best curing lights to buy is not tricky.

Here’s a complete guide to the types of curing lights for most dental materials and various kinds of features to help you make the right decision.

Is a dental curing light a UV light? No, it is a narrow spectrum of blue light

Curing Light Types

Depending on the specific tasks you plan on using curing lights to carry out, you might a certain type. Here are the three main kinds of dental light cure units:

  1. LED Curing Lights. The most common type of light, LEDs emit various wavelengths and can cure a wide range of materials. They generate less heat than other dental curing lights, so a cooling fan isn’t necessary.
  2. Halogen Curing Lights. These emit blue light wavelengths between 400-500 nm. They also give off a lot of heat, so they frequently have built-in cooling fans.
  3. Plasma Curing Lights. Made for high speed, the plasma curing lights dental can reach various parts of the mouth and cure different sizes of restorations.

Whichever type you choose

Curing Light Dental Features To Be Aware Of Choosing the right type of light cure dental isn’t the only consideration you need to make. Here are a few features to be aware of.

  1. Wavelength. LED lights usually emit a fairly concise wavelength, whereas halogen lights give out a broader spectrum, making them compatible with a wider range of materials.
  2. Light Intensity. The more output power the light intensity has, the faster it can cure and at greater depths. Power is measured in mW/cm2, and the average LED option offers at least 1000 mW/cm2.
  3. Light Probe. Simply wider probe diameter means more coverage of tooth surface and equal polymerization for the composite parts. Make sure that your light cure probe diameter is more than 80mm.
  4. Interchangeable Tips. A useful feature has a light that allows you to change the tip since different tips are best for different applications.
  5. Programmed Modes. Another way to ensure the light is suitable for various applications is by choosing one with different curing modes. For instance, ramp modes increase output gradually, and low curing settings allow you to be gentle.
  6. Construction. The easier it is for you to hold a light in your hand, the better you’ll be able to cure. One aspect to consider is rotating tips, giving you better access to different mouth quadrants. Another is the buttons' location, the light might have dual buttons, thumb activation, or a finger trigger.

Curing lights are not complex, but choosing the right one for your needs may look complicated. However, with a little care and thinking about the dental materials you use, there’s no reason why you can’t find the perfect product for your procedures and applications.

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LED Curing Light Premium Plus C02-C-BK
Top Quality Hot
Brand: Coltene Model: C02-C-BK
  • Light Intensity: 1500 mW/cm2
  • Wavelength: 440-480 nm
  • Light Tester: No
  • Type: Cordless LED
6,003.00 LE
Ex Tax:6,003.00 LE
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