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DENU Trans Sil, Transparent Impression Material, 2 x 50 ml

DENU Trans Sil, Transparent Impression Material, 2 x 50 ml
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DENU TransSil stands out as a unique transparent impression material, specifically designed to harden within the resin when exposed to light-curing. Its transparent nature ensures optimal visualization during procedures, making it an indispensable tool for dental professionals.


  • Transparency: Allows for precise and accurate light-curing inside the resin.
  • Material Integrity: Ensures consistent hardening when light-cured, offering reliability every time.


  1. Crown and Bridge Impression: Perfectly captures the nuanced structures needed for crown and bridge procedures.
  2. Inlay and Onlay Impression: Ideal for accurate impressions in inlay and onlay procedures.

Usage Directions:

  1. Apply Vaseline gently on the tooth.
  2. Mold and shape using Transparent Silicone.
  3. Place the Crown Resin over the shaped Transparent Silicone.
  4. Light cure the Transparent Silicone from the outside to set.

Important Note:

  • For optimal results, utilize the mixing tip designed for Light Body without an oral tip (yellow colored).

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