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Fissured Nova Plus, 2x2.5g Syringes

Fissured Nova Plus, 2x2.5g Syringes
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Unlock the future of cavity protection with FISSURED NOVA PLUS, an avant-garde, high-filled, light-curing fissure sealant. Designed to be your ally in preventive dentistry, it ensures a prolonged release of fluoride, the keystone for caries prevention.

Key Features

  • High Abrasion Resistance: Thanks to the substantial (50% and 55%) inorganic filler selections, expect unmatched abrasion-proofness.
  • Exceptional Adhesion: Its affinity to enamel is unparalleled, ensuring long-term bond stability.
  • Dual-Color Options: With white and transparent color selections, visibility and adaptability are optimized.
  • Ease of Use: Some packings are equipped with colored etching gel and elastic using tips, simplifying the application process.


  1. High Penetration: Its optimum flow properties ensure the sealant reaches even the most intricate fissures.
  2. Sustained Fluoride Release: Enjoy the perks of high and prolonged fluoride release, fortifying teeth against caries.
  3. Stable Bonding: The sealant’s high stability and excellent adhesion to enamel ensure restorations stay put for longer.
  4. Caries Shield: Its effective protection against caries is a game-changer in preventive dentistry.
  5. Bacterial Defense: Its bacteriostatic effect acts as a deterrent against bacterial colonization.
  6. Visual Control: The white color option allows for easy monitoring, while the transparent color offers aesthetic adaptability.


FISSURED NOVA PLUS is adept for a multitude of clinical scenarios:

  • Primary Sealing: Ideal for sealing fissures, pits, and occlusal surfaces to guard against caries.
  • Extended Sealing: Efficiently seals extended fissures ensuring thorough protection.
  • Minor Restorations: The go-to choice for filling small cavities, providing both protection and aesthetics.

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