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Nova Compo C, Nano Hybrid Universal Composite A1, 4g Syringe

Nova Compo C, Nano Hybrid Universal Composite A1, 4g Syringe
714.15 LE
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  • Type: Nano-Hybrid
  • Tooth: Anterior + Posterior
  • Class: Universal
  • Shade: A1

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Nova Compo C is a cutting-edge, light-curing, radiopaque, nano-hybrid composite designed for both anterior and posterior dental restorations.


  • Monomer Matrix: A blend of various dimethacrylates (18–22% weight) integrated with the innovative ULS® (Ultra Low Shrinkage) Monomer.
  • Fillers: A combination of barium glasses, ytterbium, and prepolymer (78–83% weight) complemented by additives, catalysts, stabilizers, and pigments.

Monomer Technology:

  • Reduced Shrinkage Resins: With its high molecular weight, Nova Compo C ensures less shrinkage, reduced aging, and a slightly softer flexible resin matrix.

  • Enhanced Hydrophobicity: Less water absorption and an increased hydrophobic nature.

  • Balanced Elastic Modulus: The integration of low molecular weight diluent monomers such as TEGDMA delivers an optimized modulus of elasticity, minimizing the risk of brittleness and ensuring effective stress buffering.

Filler Technology:

Nova Compo C employs an array of fillers, providing the ideal balance of translucency, strength, and radiopacity.

  1. High-density, radiopaque prepolymerized filler: Ensures low shrinkage, easy handling, and superior wear resistance.

  2. Particle Size & Type:

    • 0.7 micron ba-glass
    • 0.4 micron ba-glass
    • Nano fillers
  3. Chameleon Effect: Optimal refractive indices of fillers and matrix generate a remarkable chameleon effect, ensuring restorations mimic natural tooth structure in light transmission and scattering.

Special Feature: ULS® MONOMER

  • Low Shrinkage: High molecular weight combined with a low count of C=C double bonds diminishes polymerization shrinkage and associated stress.

  • Increased Biocompatibility: A higher degree of conversion than traditional UDMA and Bis-GMA monomers reduces residual monomer release.

  • Durability: Enhances elongation and toughness, safeguarding the longevity of restorations, particularly at the composite-tooth interface.

Performance Metrics:

  • ULS® monomer showcased a 32% higher degree of conversion than a conventional BisGMA/TEGDMA blend with identical curing protocols.

Product Attributes:

  • Color Variety: Available in 16 distinct shades for versatile application.

  • Usage: Suitable for both single-layer and multi-layer techniques.

  • Radiopacity: Exceptional radiopacity supported by nano hybrid technology.


  • Longevity: Ensures extended durability of restorations.

  • Handling: Offers excellent handling and easy polishability without sticking to instruments.

  • Minimal Shrinkage: Remarkably low polymerization shrinkage and stress.

  • Aesthetics: Superior chameleon properties ensure impeccable aesthetics complemented by a wide color range.


  • Deciduous Teeth Restorations
  • Posterior Region Restorations:
    • Class I & II
  • Anterior Restorations:
    • Class III & IV
  • Class V Restorations:
    • Cervical caries
    • Root erosion
    • Wedge-shaped defects
  • Extended Fissure Sealing:
    • Molars & Premolars
  • Teeth Splinting:
    • For mobile teeth
  • Veneering:
    • Discoloured anterior teeth
    • Repair of composite and ceramic veneers.

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