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Alpha-Flow A3, Micro-Hybrid Flowable Composit, 2g Syringe

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Alpha-Flow A3, Micro-Hybrid Flowable Composit, 2g Syringe
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  • Type: Micro-Hybrid
  • Tooth: Anterior + Posterior
  • Class: Flowable
  • Shade: A3
  • Packing: Syringe 2g + 5x Tips

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Alpha-Flow® is a radiopaque, light-cured, micro-hybrid flowable composite. Its organic matrix consists of Bis-GMA resin, incorporating a 38% by volume inorganic filler blend with particle sizes ranging from 0.02 - 0.7 microns. This unique composition ensures exceptional versatility, making it apt for an array of dental procedures. It now comes with added fluorescence to mimic natural tooth substance.

Key Features:

  • Wide-ranging procedures: Suited for Class III and V cavities and small Class I and II restorations.
  • Exceptional particle size range: 0.02 - 0.7 microns for desired consistency.
  • Kit Varieties: Available in a Standard Kit (shades A2, A3, B2, and Universal Opaquer) or Custom Kit (in popular Vita®* shades).

Indications for Use:

  • Small Class I and II restorations (non-occlusal surface)
  • Class III and V restorations
  • Undercut block-outs
  • Tunnel prep filling
  • Marginal defect repairs
  • Composite and ceramic veneer repairs
  • Temporary restorations re-conforming

Patients with a history of severe allergic reactions to methacrylate resins should avoid using Alpha-Flow®.


  • Etchant contains corrosive phosphoric acid; avoid contact with soft tissues, eyes, and skin.
  • Not suitable for use with eugenol-based materials.
  • Applicator tips are disposable and for single-patient use only.

General Precautions:

Adverse Reaction:
Potential aggravation of allergic, skin, eye, or respiratory conditions upon exposure.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Tooth preparation, followed by isolation and thorough drying.
  2. Enamel etching with Alpha-Etch37® for 15 seconds or dentin etching for 10 seconds, with a maximum time of 60 seconds.
  3. Rinse well.
  4. Dry etched tooth for Alpha-Bond® Light Cure Bonding Resin. Apply one uniform layer, then light cure.
  5. Choose Alpha-Flow® shade and apply directly to the tooth in increments of up to 2 mm.
  6. Light-cure composite for a minimum of 40 seconds.
  7. Standard finishing and polishing.

Storage Instructions:

  • Store at 2°C/36°F to 27°C/80°F; use at room temperature (23°C/73°F).
  • Avoid intense light or elevated temperatures.
  • Always replace syringe cap post-use.

Alpha-Flow® ensures high-quality dental restorations, prioritizing precision, versatility, and patient safety.

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