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Alpha-Pro Prophy Paste, Polishing Paste, 200x Cups/2g

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Alpha-Pro Prophy Paste, Polishing Paste, 200x Cups/2g
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Alpha-Pro® Prophy Paste is a specialized amalgamation of cleaning and polishing agents tailored for professional application during routine dental and orthodontic hygiene sessions. This paste is offered in either single unit dose cups or larger bulk jars for convenience.

Indications for Use:

Alpha-Pro® Prophy Paste is designated for cleaning and polishing during professional dental or orthodontic prophylaxis treatments. If it contains fluoride, it should not be viewed as an alternative to other fluoride treatments.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Preparing the Paste:
    a. For Unit Dose Cup:

    • With a prophy angle, push the cup's face into the paste while operating the angle at a gentle speed. b. For Bulk Jar:
    • Dispense enough paste for one procedure into a clean dappen dish or another appropriate vessel.
    • Immediately secure the lid post-use to avert moisture loss.
    • Utilizing a prophy angle, immerse the cup's face into the paste while running the angle at a minimal speed.
  2. During Application:

    • Ensure a swift yet gentle touch, allowing the cup's edges to flare slightly.
    • Continually move away from the tooth, ensuring ample paste remains on the cup to prevent tooth surface overheating.
  3. Saliva Management:

    • Regular saliva evacuation is crucial to prevent dilution and accidental ingestion of the paste.
  4. Post Application:

    • Conclude with a comprehensive mouth rinse using a water spray.


  • Store in a cool place, not exceeding 25°C/77°F, away from direct sunlight. The expiration date can be found on the outer packaging.


  • It's imperative that the prophy paste is spat out and not ingested.
  • If the product contains Fluoride, it's essential to note that excessive consumption can lead to nausea. Check the outer label for detailed information.

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