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DENU Nano Hybrid Composite, A3, 4g Syringe

DENU Nano Hybrid Composite, A3, 4g Syringe
614.53 LE
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  • Type: Nano-Hybrid
  • Tooth: Anterior + Posterior
  • Class: Universal
  • Shade: A3
  • Packing: Syringe 4g

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DENU Composite Resin, empowered by a nano hybrid filler, is an advanced water-soluble composite that boasts optimal biocompatibility. Tailored for dental professionals seeking the highest standards, it offers a swift polymerization rate, reduced shrinkage, and bolstered flexural rigidity. This resin has been optimized for superior usability in restorative procedures for both anterior and posterior teeth (Class I-V), ensuring its stickiness and slumping are minimized.


  • Strength & Solubility: Possesses a high strength coupled with exceptional water solubility, thanks to its optimum nano filler.
    • Compressive Strength: 396 Mpa
    • Flexural Strength: 175 Mpa
    • Hardness: 95 Mpa
  • Applicability: Stands out for its non-sticky nature, ensuring a hassle-free application process.
  • Visibility: Clearly distinguishable on X-ray scans.
  • Polishability: Offers a high-polish finish, ensuring restorations that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Versatility: Suitable for all anterior and posterior teeth restorations (Class I-V).
  • Aesthetic Excellence: Provides an excellent color match to natural teeth.


  1. Universal Restoration: Ideal for restorations across all anterior and posterior teeth sections (Class I-V).
  2. Fractured Teeth Repair: Perfect solution for restoring fractured anterior teeth.
  3. Aesthetic Amalgam Replacement: Serves as an aesthetic alternative to traditional amalgam restorations.
  4. Core Build-Up: Suitable for creating a stable base for further restorative or prosthetic applications.

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